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Driving Aids MPS (USA) Steering Wheel Spinners
MPS (USA) Steering Wheel Spinners
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Driving Aids MPS (USA) Steering Wheel Spinners

MPS (USA) Steering Wheel Spinners MPS (USA) Steering Wheel Spinners MPS (USA) Steering Wheel Spinners

Standard Spinner – Mounted on a universal base. Quick release base allows easy removal of the knob when not required. The base features two ball races for smooth operation.

Quad Fork – is very popular for people with little grip strength and is a good alternative to the Quad Glove system.

Palm Spinner – is a variation of the Quad Fork. Both the Quad Fork and Palm Spinner are adjustable by reshaping the metal insert which is inside the outer cover.

Single and Tri Pin Spinner & Amputee Spinner – Both feature the universal base as with the other spinners.

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Points to consider when looking for vehicles suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters
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What is the best way of loading a wheelchair or a mobility scooter into a vehicle?
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Mobility for Independence
“Our aim is to help you, or someone you know, be as mobile as possible!”

We are specialists in our field of sourcing and supplying vehicle modification equipment. We concentrate on sourcing products that make traveling, driving and transferring into vehicles as easy as possible whilst keeping your independence to the fore.


Mobility for Independence was founded in 1987, initially sourcing equipment to enhance mobility and driving. The range of products sourced still have a prime focus on vehicle modification equipment designed to enhance the lives of those challenged by mobility. Whilst a diverse range of accessibility products have been added. In September 2006, Nicki Sumicz took over the helm and became the new owner.


Mobility for Independence continues the commitment to providing solutions for individuals facing mobility challenges in their everyday lives and to enable people with disabilities to live more independent, barrier free lives. Our passion is to assist you to improve your independence in mobility.


We are reliable, trustworthy, friendly and get things done.


Mobility for Independence is an accredited provider to:


All our products are available throughout New Zealand, either directly from us or through our Installer network.

If you require assistance in sourcing any product you think will enhance your mobility, we’d love to help, so please feel free to contact us.

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