Mobility Accessories



What Is It?
The Drink-Aide Hands Free water bottle consists of an insulated 800ml water bottle, a vibration resistant flexible drinking tube and a holder with a universal clamp for mounting to a wheelchair and other assistive equipment.

The Drink-Aide is a hands free water bottle that easily attaches to a wheelchair for use by persons with little or no upper body movement. It can also be attached to bedrails, walkers and chairs and can function in a variety of settings.

Who Is It For?
People who have mobility impairments, loss of strength, muscle control or range of motion. This product enables an individual with little or no upper body movement to drink fluids independently.


  • Facilitates water intake essential to many normal body functions, e.g., good urine output and clarity
  • Decreases potential for urinary tract infection due to inadequate hydration
  • Promotes skin integrity
  • Promotes independence in drinking water
  • Improves the quality of life for the user
  • Frees the caregiver to attend to other needs
  • Reduces potential costs from hospitalisation due to inadequate hydration




Fleximug Hands Free Drinking Mug

Accessories include: 

Clamp on cupholder, tablet/phone support ( $145+ gst), Flexistand ($325+gst)

Introductory offer:  Fleximug with clamp on cup holder $195 +gst


  • 600ml capacity
  • Double walled stainless steel
  • Keeps hot or cold for hours
  • Easily removable straws, includes cleaning brush
  • Patented air vent in lid
  • Top rack dishwasher safe