Pool Hoists


Pool Access Hoist

Using the control pendant, the hoist is positioned to the appropriate height for transfer onto the bevel seat. Pivot the seat over the pool for the person to be lowered in. The seat is lowered into the pool until it is at the correct depth for the user to swim off.


  • Comfortable easy access for pool & spa
  • Seat Rotates 360 degrees
  • Will lift any person with ease (up to 115kg)
  • Contains own power source
  • Easy Installation and removable post
  • Self operated or carer assisted
  • Powered by long life 24 volts rechargeable batteries
  • Solar battery and mains power recharge units supplied as standard

Universal Sling Hoist

This Universal Sling Hoist has many applications.

It can be used as an extra stable bed to chair hoist or a Pool Hoist for a person who has difficulty using standard hoists.

The carer positions the sling around the user of the hoist whilst seated in the wheelchair or a poolside chair. Lower the spreader bar and attach the sling. Using the control pendant raise the hoist until the user of the hoist is clear, pivot the hoist out and over the pool. Lower the user into the pool at which time the sling can be removed.

The Universal Sling Hoist can also be used for transferring a person from a wharf into a boat.


  • Comfortable easy access for pool, spa, bed, bath or boat
  • Motor unit rotates 360 degrees
  • A simple design, with a very powerful motor and winch unit that will lift up to 135 kg.
  • Easy installation and removable post
  • Minimal maintenance as solar power is used to recharge the hoist’s self contained battery
  • 24 month parts warranty
  • Includes Sling