Driving Aids

Spin Master Steering Wheel Spinner

The Spin master base is designed with a large clamping area so it will not crush or damage the steering wheel. It is fitted with a quick release button for removing the knob and the shaft rotates in two sealed ball bearing races so it won’t wear out.


  • Unique, safe and reliable release mechanism
  • Quick release- remove / refit at the touch of a button
  • Leather grain etching to knob matches vehicle decor
  • Won't damage your vehicle's steering wheel
  • Quality injection moulded glass filled durable nylon components

MPS (USA) Monarch Mark 1a Radial Hand Control

Right angle hand control with accelerator lock out and incorporates the most popular method of operation, and undoubtedly the least fatiguing available

Through mechanical linkage, the  brakes are applied by the forward motion away from the driver toward the brake pedal or dashboard. Again with mechanical linkage, the accelerator is applied by a downward  movement toward the driver’s lap and at a right angle to the brake. Operating handle is adjustable for each drivers optimal comfort.

This quality hand control comes with an easy to use accelerator lock out that when engaged locks out the accelerator function of the hand control so drivers using the pedals cannot use the hand control.

Adjustable mounting assembly to provide maximum leg room and proper alignment.

Adjustable brake attachment rod to match each application.

Large comfortable hand grip.

Universal accelerator attachment to provide proper accelerator leverage.

With a five year limited warranty and the ability to transfer it to your next car,  you will understand why the Monarch Mark 1A  is best Hand Control you can buy. .

MPS (USA) Steering Wheel Spinners

Standard Spinner – Mounted on a universal base. Quick release base allows easy removal of the knob when not required. The base features two ball races for smooth operation.

Quad Fork – is very popular for people with little grip strength and is a good alternative to the Quad Glove system.

Palm Spinner – is a variation of the Quad Fork. Both the Quad Fork and Palm Spinner are adjustable by reshaping the metal insert which is inside the outer cover.

Single and Tri Pin Spinner & Amputee Spinner – Both feature the universal base as with the other spinners.

MPS (USA) Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

This product is available for drivers with impaired right foot strength and control or Right Foot/Leg Amputees.


  • Can be installed quickly in your car
  • Can be detached from its mounting plate with the press of a button for other drivers
  • Lightweight, durable design, fully adjustable and fits most vehicles
  • 5 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee