Vehicle Transfer

Getting myself into the car

Adapt-Solutions: The SPEEDY-LIFT

(3 Year Limited Warranty)

  • Simply back your wheelchair up to the SPEEDY-LIFT & push the ‘IN’ button and the rest is done for you.

  • Picks up your chair and secures into place behind the driver’s seat.

  • Automatic locking mechanism so you don’t need to worry about fastening chair in place.

  • Fast moving effective wheelchair lift- you are in and on your way in no time.

  • Designed for rigid manual wheelchair.

  • Made in Canada.


  • Compact design takes up very little space

  • Generally, only one seat removed to accommodate lift

  • Full cycle takes less than 30 seconds

  • Installs into vehicle OEM seat anchorages - no cutting or drilling

  • Powered by vehicle's battery

  • Equipped with manual back up mechanism

  • 42kg's capacity

  • Optional adaptor kit for folding frame wheelchairs

Adapt Solutions: XL SEAT

How it Works:

Open your vehicle's door and fold the XL-SEAT down.

Once transferred onto the XL-SEAT, use the retractable support arm for safety and balance while it takes you up to the driver's seat


  • Removable transfer board to allow easy access for others

  • When using the XL-SEAT you transfer onto your original seat.

  • Can be stopped at any height, according to your needs.

  • You get to keep all the original features from your vehicle.

  • All seat adjustment functions remain operational, the seatback still reclines completely; even power or heated seats can remain intact.


Maximum capacity 120 kg’s

Seat covered with vinyl surface and slight cushioning for easy transfer

Adapt Solutions: XL BOARD 

How it Works:-

The XL – BOARD is a stationary, foldable and retractable vehicle transfer board designed to bridge the gap when transferring from a wheelchair to a driver or front passenger seat.


No structural; modification to the vehicle means a quick and easy installation.

The XL – BOARD installs directly into the seats original floor bolts and is easily removed to return the vehicle to its original condition.

  • Assists transfer into the vehicle

  • Easy to use

  • Takes up very little space

  • Retractable support arm


Maximum capacity 130 kg’s


AutoChair: Smart Transfer (Milford) Person Lift 

(3 year limited warranty)

Innovative solution that transfers users from a wheelchair into a standard car seat with the touch of a button. Lifts person onto the standard car seat in virtually any make or model of vehicle. Shaped extension arm attaches to a padded moulded coloured sling which fits around the person for a comfortable transfer. No extra lifting required. Made of aluminium the Milford body weighs just 8kg’s and includes a four 4- compartment padded carry bag for travel and storage.

Exceptional quality, British manufacturing and craftsmanship with complete manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Standard 150kg lifting capacity

  • Extend the usefulness and use with the Milford Smartbase mobile system

AutoChair: Milford SmartBase 

(3 year limited warranty)

Options for your Milford Person Lift.

Extend the usefulness of your Milford Person Lift with either the Milford SmartBase mobile base unit which breaks down into easily manageable parts or with wall brackets which can easily be fixed to any solid brick wall. This mobile base unit gives you freedom and independence; Not only in your own home but it also enables you to take the Milford Person Lift anywhere you’d like, friends houses, on vacation or even in a camper or RV. The SmartBase breaks down into four pieces, each weighing less than 11 lbs and can be assembled in approximately two minutes.


  • Take anywhere

  • Works on a variety of floor surfaces (including carpets)

  • Ideal for home, office and hotel

  • Easy to set up

  • Multiple lifts on the battery pack

  • Simple to flat pack away